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What is this site about?

The goal of this website is to provide easy to follow, step-by-step guides for Linux users. All guides have be personally performed and tested by us to assure their correctness. We have tried to include as many screenshots as possible. If they have been written as planned, by the time you reach the end of the page of each tutorial you should be able to complete the given tasks. No extensive Linux/Unix knowledge is assumed. We think there is a lack of online support for people who install Linux and then do not know what to do next. These people sometimes have a difficult time trying to follow highly-technical HOWTO’s with no screenshots. We are trying to fill that void. This site is a work in progress. Please visit often for updates. View a full list of guides or check out what’s new.

Introduction To GTK+ Programming

If you are interested in learning how to write programs for Linux using the GTK+ graphics toolkit, have a look at our new guide Introduction to GTK+ Programming. It contains complete sample code and screenshots to many widgets. Widgets added daily.

Feedback and Suggestions

Is anyone out there? We have been working long hours and sleepless nights trying to make this site as complete and useful as possible. If you have read any of our tutorials and have found it helpful please email us and let us know. Also, feel free to email any suggestions to us of topics you would like to see and we will put them on the top of our list to write.

Linux on Multiple Platforms

This site focuses on Linux for the x86(Intel, AMD, Cyrix, etc.) platform simply because we personally perform all the steps in the tutorials before publishing them to assure correctness. Linux runs on a multitude of platforms including Compaq Alpha(formerly DEC Alpha), Sun Sparc, SGI MIPS, Macintosh PowerPC, IBM AS400, and a few others. However, we are a non-profit site and can not afford to buy all these platforms on which to test Linux. If someone works for one of these companies or has on old machine they would like to donate to us so we could write guides for other platforms, we would be more than happy to accept them. We can be reached by email.


Most Viewed Tutorials

Have a look at a list of all of our guides and tutorials.
The following tutorials seem to be the most popular:


Programming (thanks to iflexion web developers for their help):


Networking (thanks to itransition software developers for their help):

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