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Linux top news 2012

Linux is known as one of the basic software used by a lot of people. The most important thing about it is that it is completely free, so you do not need any registrations and payments the people tend to have when it goes about the PC and the software. Linux  [ Read More ]

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GTK+ examples : A Basic Window

Introduction Our first GTK+ program will be nothing more than a basic window. There are no event handlers, which means that the window will not respond to any user input such as mouse clicks. Although clicking the X button on the title bar to exit the program will cause the  [ Read More ]


Introduction The GtkMenuBar, GtkMenu, and GtkMenuItem widgets are used in conjunction with each other to provide drop-down menu lists. The GtkMenuBar is essentially a horizontal packing box for the menu items. Individual GtkMenu widgets such as File and Edit are then packed inside the menu bar. Then, the GtkMenuItem widgets  [ Read More ]


GtkVButtonBox – Vertical Button Container

Introduction This example covers a container called the GtkVButtonBox. The GtkVButtonBox container is used to group buttons together in a vertical box from top to bottom. From what I can tell, the GtkVButtonBox is designed to contain only buttons. However, you can pack other widgets such as GtkLabel widgets and  [ Read More ]


GtkCheckButton – Check Button Widget

Introduction GtkCheckButton widgets serve the exact same purpose as GtkToggleButtons except that they look differently. Instead of looking like a normal button, GtkCheckButton widgets appear as small check boxes. GtkCheckButton widgets are usually used next to GtkLabels that describe what the option is. Instead of declaring a GtkCheckButton and a  [ Read More ]


GtkArrow – Arrow Widget

Introduction The GtkArrow widget draws allows triangular arrows to be drawn on the screen. They can face north, west, south, and east and can be shaded in a variety of ways. Source Code /* *File name: arrow.c */ #include #include /*– This function allows the program to exit properly when  [ Read More ]


GtkHPaned – Horizontal Split Container

Introduction This example covers a container called the GtkHPaned widget. The GtkHPaned container is a split plane with right and left sides separated by a divider. By default, the divider can be dragged left or right to alter the size of the split. Source Code /* *File name: hpane.c */  [ Read More ]


GtkCombo – Combo Text List Widget

Introduction This example produces a simple GTK combo pull-down list. It allows you to add default values to the list. In addition, the user is allowed to enter his/her own value. Screenshot Source Code /* *File name: hbox.c */ #include #include /*– This function allows the program to exit properly  [ Read More ]


GtkVPaned – Vertical Split Container

Introduction This example covers a container called the GtkVPaned widget. The GtkVPaned container is a split plane with top and bottom sections separated by a divider. By default, the divider can be dragged up or down to alter the size of the split. Source Code /* *File name: vpane.c */  [ Read More ]


Glade: GTK+ User Interface Builder

Introduction Glade is visual programming tool that allows you to create user interfaces by dropping and dragging widgets from a widget palette onto a canvas. Glade creates interfaces that use the GTK+ widget library. By default, Glade creates C code. However, since there are GTK+ bindings for C++, Perl, Ada95,  [ Read More ]


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Linux top news 2012

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